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        首頁 > 產品中心 > 方型負壓風機
        · JS-Ⅰ方型負壓風機的商品信息:

         【商品名稱】 JS-Ⅰ方型負壓風機
         【商品規格】 6~10#
         【所屬類別】 方型負壓風機


         · JS-Ⅰ方型負壓風機的說明:


        JS is featured by low noise, electricity saving, large volumn, esay installation, which is an ideal choise for sunstroke prevention and ventilation in occasions such as various warehouses, offices, flower greenhouses, poultry houses and ect. The product is used to transport non-flammable, low-corrosive gases with the tempreture no higher than 50℃, relative humidity no greater than 80% and the quantity of dust and solid impurities ≤150mg/m3.

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